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Topics in The Open Government Ninjas
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Help influence the direction of 2 Paul Stone at 12:05pm, Jul 05
Open Data Charter Principles Refresh 4 Dave Lane at 10:18am, Jun 08
A heads-up on two fronts 13 Dindon at 7:00pm, Jun 06
Release of Ministerial weekly briefings, reactive and proactive 5 aimee whitcroft at 3:41pm, Apr 30
Open Data Meetups - Auckland & Christchurch 1 Paul Stone at 10:08am, Apr 20
A good news story from the Waikato 1 Paul Stone at 2:01pm, Apr 19
Location, location, location – tapping the economic potential of geospatial data - Civil Service Quarterly 1 andrew at 10:32am, Apr 16
DataPharm 9 bcochrane at 2:31pm, Mar 23
Open Data Charter Principles 1 Paul Stone at 8:13am, Mar 21
Launch of the Progress Report on NZ's Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018 on Monday, 26 March 2018, 12 noon - 1.30pm, Community Hub meeting room, Level 4, 120 Featherston Street, Wellington 1 Keitha Booth at 2:48pm, Mar 17
Copyright Nethui at Te Papa with Cory Doctorow 1 bcochrane at 9:30am, Mar 09
Digital service standard consultation 1 susan.carchedi at 3:06pm, Mar 02
New NZTA transport Technology manager 3 aimee whitcroft at 1:25pm, Feb 21
Open Data, Open Potential 2 aimee whitcroft at 4:59pm, Feb 20
Crash Analysis Data & more - new NZTA portal 6 Keitha Booth at 7:41am, Feb 20
Tech Tuesday Free Webinar: Digital Democracy and Participatory Budgeting Tools - Feb 14 NZ AM 1 Steven Clift at 2:22am, Feb 13
[Data-Driven-Wellington] Meetup + Survey 1 Mike Riversdale at 2:48pm, Feb 09
TechCheck: API Security | NZ GovTech (Wellington, New Zealand) | Meetup 1 Pia Waugh at 9:40am, Feb 07
Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) Progress Report on New Zealand's National Action Plan 2016-2018 released for public comment 3 Keitha Booth at 4:46pm, Jan 24
FYI - Open Data Day mini grants from Open Knowledge 1 Gustavo Olivares at 9:25am, Jan 24